• Aderia


    Founded in 1819 in Japan, Ishizuka Glass Co., Ltd. embodies a rich tradition in glass bottle manufacturing. With more than two centuries of experience, it has been able to evolve and adapt to market requirements while preserving the artisanal quality for which it is renowned.

  • Ajinomoto


    Ajinomoto Co., Inc. is a company created in 1909, leader in the food industry in Japan. Its activity is divided into three divisions: consumer products, food industry and pharmaceutical products.

  • Akagi


    Akagi is a major producer and distributor of noodles and pasta, located in Gunma Prefecture, home to Japan's main wheat.



    The Ito family has lived in Akita for 400 years, and the prefecture has a long and rich history as a rice-growing region. Years passed, and in 1913, Ito Kyonosuke Okina, who owned a brewery in the neighboring village, took over a brewery and started another sake business with colleagues. This is the starting point of the Kariho brewery.

  • AOBA Co.,Ltd

    AOBA Co.,Ltd

    Aoba Co., Ltd., headquartered in Obama, Fukui Prefecture, has been engaged in the manufacturing and sales of chopsticks since its establishment in August 1963.

  • Aromandise
  • Asahara Brewery Co., Ltd.

    Asahara Brewery Co., Ltd.

    Asahara Shuzo is a family-owned brewery located in Saitama Prefecture, in the hills above the Chichibu Mountains, northwest of Tokyo. It was founded in 1882 by Zenjiro Asahara when he was only 29 years old. Today, Kenichi Asahara is the head of the factory, representing the 5th generation.

  • Asahi


    Asahi Breweries, Ltd. is a Japanese brewing group founded in 1889 in Osaka. Asahi ranks seventh in the world in terms of sales volume with a market share of 3%.



    Biken Textile Co,Ltd has been producing textiles since 1989. In 2014 the company began digital printing and it was in 2019 that the Asobi-Gokoro brand was born.

  • AZONE CO.,Ltd

    AZONE CO.,Ltd

    Azone Co,Ltd was founded in November 2011. It provides products related to electronic toys (robots, edutainment games and other electronic toys. The company also offers easy-to-assemble wooden puzzles.

  • Bandai Namco
  • Chushin kobo

    Chushin kobo

    Chushin Kobo is a Japanese manufacturer of high quality cast iron teapots, handcrafted with great attention to detail. Chushin Kobo teapots are an excellent choice for tea lovers and collectors who appreciate premium products made using traditional methods by skilled artisans.

  • Coedo


    Since the 1970s, Kyodo Shoji, the parent organization of COEDO, has been committed to organic farming based on the concept of "safe, secure and delicious food", and works with Kawagoe, the agricultural land.

  • Éditions Sully

    Éditions Sully

    Éditions Sully, founded in 1997, publishes works on personal development, psychology and spirituality, promoting authenticity and quality. Their mission is to promote works that enrich the lives of readers through alternative and profound perspectives.

  • Furi Furi

    Furi Furi

    Furi Furi is a French company specializing in furikake, a traditional Japanese condiment. The story of Furi Furi begins with two associates, Natsuko and Julie. Natsuko, a Franco-Japanese woman who has worked with renowned chefs like Alain Ducasse, introduces Julie, a pharmacist and nutrition expert, to furikake.



    Gassan, also known as Yoshida Sake Brewing Co., Ltd, was founded in 1743. The family of the current owner, Tomonori Yoshida-represents the 5th generation. The brewery is located in the small village of Yasugi, in Shimane Prefecture, in the far south of Japan.

  • Gohannotomo


    It was Mr. Sueyoshi who took over the company in 1933 with his passion for the product and carefully preserved the taste which has lasted for 100 years. The company's philosophy "to create happy, bright and better products".

  • hacomo Co.,Ltd

    hacomo Co.,Ltd

    Created in 2010, Hacomo Co., Ltd. is a Japanese company located in Kagawa specializing in the sale of toys and 3D cardboard puzzles buildable without glue or scissors. In 2015, the company launched the pusu pusu range, which quickly became popular in Japan.



    Thanks to this natural state at the back,
    in Hakone Yosegi Zaiku, elaborate designs are produced
    making the most of the different natural colors of the woods,
    for the manufacture of small boxes and other products.

  • Hakubaku


    Founded in Japan 70 years ago, the Hakubaku company specializes in the manufacture of barley, flours, noodles and mixed cereals. Its name “Hakubaku” in Japanese means “white barley”, in reference to their barley devoid of its brown part (which is less digestible). Discover their tasty Soba and Udon noodles rich in nutrients to enhance all your meals.

  • HAKUTSURU Sake Brewing Co., LTD

    HAKUTSURU Sake Brewing Co., LTD

    Since 1743, Hakutsuru Sake Brewing Co. Ltd. produces and markets distilled spirits, cooking sake, liqueurs and other alcoholic beverages. Hakutsuru Sake Brewing also sells beer, soy sauce, soft drinks and other food products.

  • Hamamonyo


    In 1948, Kiyoshi Kata founded the Kiyoshi Textile Factory in Kamiooka, Yokohama. It started by producing sarees using automatic printing machines and then diversified into towels, clothing accessories and women's fashion items.

  • Hanabi


    Hanabi is a very three brand of Foodex company which exports food products from Japan all over the world.



    Hanamaruki is a maker of miso, a traditional Japanese condiment. The company's beginnings date back to November 1918, when the first president, Kaneharu Hanaoka, started a miso-making business in Ina City, Nagano Prefecture.

  • HARUKA rice

    HARUKA rice

    Haruka is a rice brand offering different types of rice for sushi or to complement your daily cooking.



    Hikari miso was created in 1936 in Nagano. Their small family business has become the number one seller of natural and organic miso in Japan.



    All merchandise produced by IKEHIKO is based on Japanese seasonal flowers and traditional art. Discover a wide range of items made from igusa, a straw mat woven from high-quality Juncus effusus (“scattered rush”), called tatami-omote.

  • IKI Beer

    IKI Beer

    Iki Beer is a Japanese beer brand that stands out for its use of natural ingredients such as green tea and yuzu, offering unique and refreshing flavors. Founded in 2007, it is known for its commitment to quality and innovation in brewing.



    Inasaka Meriyasu was founded by Riichi Inasaka in 1925. It manufactures and sells unique and beautiful socks.



    Itchudo is a new Japanese artisanal brand born in 2009 in Iwate prefecture, heir to 400 years of protected craftsmanship and know-how.
    Itchu-do cast iron products are based on ease of use, aesthetics and simplicity of design.



    IWACHU Casting Works is a Japanese manufacturer of high quality cast iron teapots, handcrafted with great attention to detail. The company is committed to reducing its environmental impact and has received several awards for the quality of its products and its commitment to sustainability.

  • JFC International

    JFC International

    JFC International is a leading wholesaler and distributor of Asian food products in the United States. In addition to its own products, JFC International also imports branded products from other international companies.

  • KAI Corporation

    KAI Corporation

    Japanese knives from the tradition of samurai swords. In Japan, kai products enjoy a unique reputation and the status of cult objects. The company, founded in 1908 in Seki, develops and distributes cutting utensils and similar products with excellent sharpness and functionality, following a tradition dating back more than a century.

  • Kane Tsune

    Kane Tsune

    Kanetsune Seki is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality traditional knives, designed to meet everyday demands. The brand's meticulous artisans use refined techniques to create these exceptional pieces. The exceptional durability, remarkable sharpness and incomparable beauty of these knives are the quality promise of Kanetsune Seki.

  • KIGURA vol 12
  • Kikkoman


    Kikkoman Corporation (is a Japanese company founded in 1917 mainly marketing soy sauce. It is particularly known on the archipelago for its small plastic bottles in the shape of a small fish, having a red cap where the goat is located

  • Kiku-Masamune Sake Brewing Co., Ltd

    Kiku-Masamune Sake Brewing Co., Ltd

    Kiku-Masamune Sake Brewery was founded in 1659, when Japan was ruled by Ietsuna, the fourth Tokugawa shogun. The Kano family built a sake brewery in their residence and began large-scale brewing operations.

  • Kimino
  • Kimura Drink

    Kimura Drink

    KIMURA DRINK COMPANY LIMITED is located at SHIMADA, SHIZUOKA. Since its founding in 1952, the company has focused on manufacturing bottled soft drinks, juices and healthy drinks.

  • Kirin


    The Japan Brewery Company, the forerunner of Kirin Brewery, was established in 1885 and began marketing Kirin beer in 1888. The Kirin Brewery Company was established as a separate legal entity in February 1907.

  • KOTAI, Olius SAS

    KOTAI, Olius SAS

    Japanese sharpness, Western ruggedness, the best of both worlds, so you don't have to settle for just one.



    Founded in 1910, Kotodo Takahashi has been producing handcrafted tea cans for 108 years. The multi-use boxes are equipped with an airtight lid and an additional inner lid, ensuring a perfect and uniform seal.

  • Kyoto Matsuyoshi

    Kyoto Matsuyoshi

    Matsuyoshi Co.,Ltd was established in 1933. It began by producing and selling folding fans, as it does today. Their pursuit of precision and perfection is their fundamental belief to achieve true customer satisfaction.

  • Kyoto rakushian

    Kyoto rakushian

    Kyoto Rakushioan offers a wide range of products, from textiles to interior accessories, suitable for the lifestyle of Western countries, made from traditional clothing such as ramie, which expresses the 4 seasons of Japan with hand dyeing. colorful hand.

  • Le Coquelicot Bleu

    Le Coquelicot Bleu

    Le poppy blue is a young Franco-Japanese company created in 2020. Trained for 2 and a half years by a master from Hokkaidô, Shiho Laignel designs and manufactures jewelry, accessories and interior decoration objects in her workshop using the technique of “Tsumami Zaiku.” This traditional Japanese art consists of folding squares of fabric to create floral patterns.

  • Madame Mo

    Madame Mo

    To make her koinobori, Madame Mo naturally chooses a material that respects nature and people: organic cotton.
    Organic cotton is grown without using insecticides or pesticides but using natural compost.

  • Maeda Senko

    Maeda Senko

    Maeda Someko was founded in 1961 and offers diverse and original products. Over time, the company has diversified its products, handkerchiefs for tourist souvenir shops in Kyoto, interior products...

  • MAEKAKE by Anything co.,ltd

    MAEKAKE by Anything co.,ltd

    Maekake is a Japanese garment. The origins of Maekake date back to the 15th century, when fishermen in the Muromachi era cut aprons from old sailcloth to tie around their waists.

  • Makurazaki France

    Makurazaki France

    Created in 2014, Makurazaki France Katsuobushi is the first Japanese company to invest in Concarneau. It specializes in dried bonito shavings.

  • Marukome


    Since its creation in 1854, Marukome has been offering consumers fermented food products including miso for 160 years.



    Marukyo Co.,Ltd. is a company that has been around for over 60 years. It exports Japanese confectionery around the world, focusing on dorayaki.

  • Marumiya
  • Marutsune


    35 years ago, the “Namashibori Process” was established with the aim of perfecting the making of delicious old-fashioned tofu. In China, the birthplace of tofu, the "raw pressing method" remains predominant, as tofu is a widely consumed staple food.

  • MAUG ARTS Repro

    MAUG ARTS Repro

    Maug'arts Repro, the artistic branch of FAMD SARL since 2006, specializes in the reproduction of old Japanese prints. Our reproductions capture the delicate beauty of these timeless works, preserving the spirit of Japan's rich artistic heritage. Immerse yourself in the appeal of Maug'arts Repro, where traditional art is brought to life with precision and dedication.

  • MAUG'Arts Créa

    MAUG'Arts Créa

    Maug'arts Crea is the vibrant artistic offspring of FAMD SARL, a company established in 2006 with a profound commitment to creative excellence. Specializing in the enchanting realm of Japanese-inspired illustrations, Maug'arts Crea is a manifestation of years of artistic exploration and a deep appreciation for the beauty inherent in Japanese culture.

  • Mizhan


    The company was founded in Handa in 1804 by Matazaemon Nakano. Mizkan is a Japanese company that produces vinegars (including seasoned rice vinegars, balsamic vinegars and wine vinegars), mustards, salad dressings, authentic East Asian sauces, nattō and other food products.

  • Morinaga


    Morinaga & Co., Ltd., founded in 1899, is a Japanese company specializing in confectionery, dairy products, and health products, renowned for its quality and innovation. It is a major player in the Japanese and international market, offering a wide range of food and nutritional products.

  • MRU CO.,LTD.


    Yamada sen-i was established in 1937 as a manufacturer of Furoshiki, a square of traditional knotted fabric in both contemporary and traditional designs, which will accompany you every day.



    Nippon Kodo's devotion to incense making follows a long and honorable tradition that began over 400 years ago and dates back to Jyuemon Takai, better known as Koju, a skilled artisan in the art and main supplier of precious rare and exquisite aromas to the Emperor of Japan and his court.

  • Nishiki rice

    Nishiki rice

    Nishiki is a brand of high quality Japanese rice, produced by JFC International, and renowned for its taste and texture, ideal for traditional Japanese cuisine. Rice is mainly grown in California following Japanese agricultural traditions.



    Nissin Foods is a multinational manufacturer of ramen, a Japanese cooked dish. Founded on September 4, 1948 by Momofuku Ando as Nissin Food Products Co., Ltd. of Japan, the company presented the first instant noodles ten years later, Chikin Ramen.

  • Ohkuraen Co., Ltd.

    Ohkuraen Co., Ltd.

    Traditional Japanese gastronomy has diversified over the last turbulent centuries. Many types of tea are popular today; Oolong tea, black tea, herbal tea and many others. The world of tea has also been very diverse and disrupted. Despite this, we have been regularly producing the same very high quality tea in Ohkuraen for almost 100 years.

  • OIHARU Japan ldt

    OIHARU Japan ldt

    The Oiharu company, located in the town of Oshu, offers a wide range of cast iron teapots of various shapes and decorations, always made with that skill and refinement that characterizes the art of “Nambu Tekki”.

  • Ozeki japan

    Ozeki japan

    In 1711, Ozeki was established by the first Chobei Osakaya of the Osabe family in Imazu, Nishinomiya Town, Hyogo Prefecture, where our headquarters is still located. Since its founding, Ozeki has enjoyed long-standing and widespread patronage as Nada's sake of choice. In 2011, thanks to this support, Ozeki celebrates its 300th anniversary.

  • Paiheme Studio

    Paiheme Studio

    Established in 2018 by Pierre-Marie Postel, Paiheme Studio invites you to explore the nostalgic Japan of a French illustrator. Hailing from Caen, Normandy, Paiheme serves as the creative director, illustrator, and graphic designer. His works, a modern interpretation of Japanese vintage style, are available online.



    Established in 1977, POKKA SAPPORO Food & Beverage Ltd. is a company headquartered in Japan, which mainly sells canned or bottled flavored and unflavored coffee and tea.

  • Roji Nanbu iron studio

    Roji Nanbu iron studio

    Nanbu ironwork production began around the middle of the 17th century. The Nanbu family, ruling in today's northern part of Iwate Prefecture, built Morioka Castle and invited imoji and kamashi artisans from various places like Kyoto to make Buddhist altar ware, armor and kettles for the tea ceremony.

  • S&B Foods

    S&B Foods

    Since its founding in 1923, S&B Foods Inc. is a Japanese company that manufactures, processes and distributes food products, spices, condiments and cooking ingredients, including curry sauce mixes, pasta sauces and foods Chinese.

  • Saikai Toki Co Ltd

    Saikai Toki Co Ltd

    The business of Saikai Toki Co.,Ltd, founded in 1946, covers the trading of porcelain tableware produced in Kyusyu Hizen region, such as Arita and Hasami, the production of porcelain ware, import and export of ceramic products. We always hope to provide good quality products that meet customers' needs, so as to improve the quality of life of Japanese tableware users.

  • Samura


    Founded by designer Alex Yakovlev in 2003, Samura stands out for its commitment to innovation in premium knife manufacturing. Collections, such as Meteora and Super 5, combine tradition, modernity and innovation.

  • Sankoh arts and crafts

    Sankoh arts and crafts

    Sankoh is a company founded in 1947 by Shuichi Uchida and based in Gifu Prefecture, on the big island of Japan. It specializes in the manufacture of interior decoration, particularly kakemono. In 1981, the company invested in mechanized machinery to increase its production.

  • Sapporo


    Since its founding in 1876 as Kaitakushi Beer Brewery in Sapporo, Hokkaido, the company has enjoyed steady development within the Sapporo Group, accumulating more than 140 years of history. The company aspires to persevere as an entity capable of shaping new chapters in its history and contributing significantly to society.



    Seki, Japan, has been renowned for its traditional knife-making workshops since the 12th century. The Ohzawa forge has been producing Sekiryu knives since 1974, offering a diverse range of durable quality and refined designs, ensuring precise cutting for food preservation.

  • Shimaya


    Shimaya, a Japanese company founded in 1872, is renowned for its quality seasonings and condiments, contributing to traditional Japanese cuisine around the world through its authenticity and commitment to innovation.

  • shoyeido


    The company is actively committed to sharing the fascination and tradition of Japanese incense culture, steeped in over 1,400 years of history. She places special value on nature and, with gratitude to its blessings, aims to produce incense of exceptional quality. Through a range of incense products, the company offers its customers "a beautiful, fragrant life".

  • Syouhou


    Since 1951, Takuzo shuzo has been exporting alcoholic beverages and seasonings made in Japan. Based in Kyoto, it supplies overseas markets with a wide variety of Japanese alcoholic beverages such as sake, shochu, mild alcoholic refreshments, plum liqueur, hon-mirin and cooking sake, as well as whiskey.

  • Taniguchi Shoyudo ldt.

    Taniguchi Shoyudo ldt.

    The company, founded in 1925, has specialized in manufacturing traditional Japanese paper products for more than nine decades. It stands out for delivering high-quality products, demonstrating its extensive expertise in Japanese paper art.



    Paul-Yu Ind. Corp. under the brand “TAROGO” manufactures handcrafted decorative lamps using various materials, including paper, wood, foliage, stone, rattan, shells, copper, iron, ceramic, PVC, polyresin, glass, bamboo, fabric, etc.

  • Terranamdo


    Discover products made with premium yuzu juice and other specialty ingredients.

  • Tokyo design studio

    Tokyo design studio

    The Tokyo Design Studio is a European/Japanese cooperative that coordinates the work of different small Japanese companies. These small companies are thus able to offer their products on the European market.



    Tomioka, K.K. was founded in 1975 and specialized in kaba-zaiku. Kaba-zaiku is a craft unique to Akita that has been passed down to Kakunodate since the late 18th century.

  • TOURI Vol 31
  • TSUBAZO Japan

    TSUBAZO Japan

    Tsubazo is a mainstream Japanese knife brand. All the knives in the Deba, Santoku, Nagiri Sashimi, Guyto, Chef and Universel range are made entirely in Japan in the Seki region, renowned for its know-how in cutlery since the times of the samurai.

  • Umami Paris

    Umami Paris

    Unami Paris is a company specializing in the design and sale of high-end beauty and skincare products, highlighting natural ingredients and Japanese tradition. Their product range combines innovation and quality, offering a unique wellness experience to skin-conscious customers.

  • Usaburo Kokeshi Co., LTD

    Usaburo Kokeshi Co., LTD

    The founder of Usaburo Kokeshi, born in the Shinto village of Gunma Prefecture in 1919, left a significant legacy in the world of crafts. After initially working with artificial stones and metals, he turned to creating kokeshi dolls in 1954.

  • Wazuqu since 1604

    Wazuqu since 1604

    The Yamagata foundries were born around 960 years ago. Kikuchi Hojudo began in 1604 with the accession of Kihei Osamu, the first generation of the family, as the founder of Yamagata Castle, Yoshiaki Mogami.

  • Wooke Co.LTD

    Wooke Co.LTD

    Nyuzen-cho in Toyama Prefecture, the hometown of "Funwari Gohan", is one of Japan's leading producers of high-quality rice, located at the foot of the Northern Alps. They will continue to deliver delicious food from this city of Nyuzen, throughout Japan and around the world.

  • Wusaki


    In 2017, in Cannes, in the south of France, Florent Leonardo and William Dechaud, two renowned experts in French cutlery, founded the Wusaki knife brand. Their objective was to offer their large community of customers, made up of individuals and professionals, high-performance kitchen knives combining a distinctive design with exceptional cutting quality.

  • yakushigama


    The city of Seto, located in Aichi Prefecture, is a ceramic city with a thousand-year-old history. The Yakushigama ceramic brand, owned by Chugai Toen, perpetuates the traditional technique passed down in the Seto region since the Meiji era.

  • Yamama Masudaen CO.,LTD.

    Yamama Masudaen CO.,LTD.

    Yamama Masudaen, established in Omaezaki City, Shizuoka Prefecture, since its founding in 1876, is a Japanese tea manufacturer with over 150 years of experience in the field.

  • Yeaaah! studio

    Yeaaah! studio

    Founded in 2006 by Stéphane Casier, joined by Laura, Yeaaah! Studio stands out as a vintage graphic arts studio specializing in the captivating universe of Japan. Based in Saint-André-de-Cubzac, the studio embodies the shared passion of Stéphane and Laura for retro aesthetics and Japanese inspiration.



    Yoshikawa Co., began by establishing itself in the city of Tsubame, in Niigata Prefecture in Japan. Their know-how and their growing reputation in the field of artisanal metal work contributed greatly to the wealth of the city, thus becoming an industrial city.