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Tomioka, K.K. was founded in 1975 and specialized in kaba-zaiku. Kaba-zaiku is a craft unique to Akita that has been passed down to Kakunodate since the late 18th century.

Company Name: TOMIOKA SHOTEN Co,Ltd

Founded: December 11, 1975

Headquarters: Semboku-shi, Akita Prefecture, Japan

Main activity: Manufacturer and sale of birch products (cherry bark products)

Company Description :

Tomioka Shoten's philosophy focuses on preserving and promoting Kabazaiku, a nationally recognized traditional craft of cherry bark work. As a committed manufacturer, the company aspires to spread the value of this unique craft nationally and internationally, thereby contributing to the continued enrichment of people's lives.

The history of Tomioka Shoten dates back to the Kabazaiku culture, grown on land surrounded by mountains. The use of wild cherry bark dates back to the Jomon period in Japan, gradually evolving into modern birch work. The harvest of the bark is done according to a process of "renewal" aimed at protecting the mountains, emphasizing the importance of living in harmony with this natural environment.

The connection between mountains and Kabazaiku runs deep for Tomioka Shoten. Wild cherry bark collection takes place in deciduous forests, where forest renewal practices are implemented to preserve resources. The artisans, between the end of the rainy season and September, go to the mountains to collect the bark before felling the trees. The harvesting process is carefully orchestrated to allow the wild cherry trees to bud and multiply, respecting a 50-year cycle for logging the hardwood forests.

Through these activities, Tomioka Shoten not only engages in forest conservation, but also contributes to the maintenance of local industries. This sustainable approach reflects the company's commitment to preserving the culture of "living with the mountains", ensuring the transmission of this rich blessing to future generations.

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