Art of the table

Tableware and the art of cooking, a question of know-how

Very attentive to the care and aesthetics of objects, the Japanese have created a wide range of tableware over the centuries, using different materials. Ceramic is the most common material used for tableware and you will find a wide selection of plates, bowls, sake sets and cups. Here you can find our range of teapots, in ceramic, terracotta or cast iron to enjoy all the flavours of your tea. We have selected quality items made in Japan, in a modern or authentic style. You can find other accessories, such as metal tea caddies or traditional washi paper, trays and trivets.

Of course, you can choose your ideal pair of chopsticks to enjoy all your meals, as well as a large number of accessories to decorate your table. Finally, we have selected knives, essential tools in the kitchen, which, together with our kitchen utensils, will allow you to create and compose many dishes.

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