Japanese grocery store

Discover many products of Japanese cuisine: sauces, noodles, tea, sake and many other dishes to create or complete your culinary preparations.


  • Our sauces and seasonings

    Enhance your dishes, salads and barbecue with our Japanese sauces which will enhance the taste of the ingredients.

  • Biscuits and sweets...

    Japan is full of cakes and sweets with original and unique tastes. It's time to discover its many specialties: dorayaki, matcha cookies, kit kat, pocky, fruit gommy...

  • Our snacks from Japan
    Find here our range of snacks and savory biscuits with Japanese flavors.
  • Japanese beers
    Imported by the Dutch during the Edo era, beer is today a product regularly consumed in Japan. The most famous brands are Sapporo, Coedo, Kirin Ichiban and Asahi.
  • Japanese liqueurs and...

    Mainly based on fruits such as plum, tangerine, peach or even yuzu, Japanese liqueurs are consumed in the same way as sake.

  • Japanese drinks
    Tasty and thirst-quenching, discover our selection of sodas from Japan.
  • Rice from Japan
    The Japanese consume a lot of rice during their meals. Some are more sticky, sticky, used for preparing sushi for example, while there is also a more ordinary rice called uruchimai.
  • Curry from Japan

    Discover our selection of Japanese curry, to serve with noodles or rice.

  • Our condiments from Japan
    Sesame seeds, wasabi, mustard, furikake and many others to season your dishes, salads and broths.
  • Our Japanese sakes

    Discover our range of Japanese sakes, to be enjoyed lukewarm at the bottom of a cup as an aperitif or at the end of a meal.

  • Our instant pasta and...
    Various and varied pasta and instant noodles for quick meals. Ramen, udon, soba ... taste Japanese flavors.
  • Japanese soups and...
    Anchored in Japanese gastronomy, miso soup is composed of broth made from miso (flavored fermented and salty soybean paste) and dashi (fish broth).
  • Our Japanese seaweed
    Consumed in salads, in miso soup and other broths and of course used in making sushi. Seaweed is rich in vitamins and minerals and low in color, which makes it a very popular food in Japan.
  • Our tofu from Japan
    From the curdling of soy milk, tofu is an excellent food eaten especially for its protein content. Very used in Asian dishes, it is white and its taste is rather neutral. It is cookable in different ways including, baked, fried, in salads, in broths.
  • Selection of green...

    Thirst-quenching and tasty, choose from our range of green teas from Japan: sencha, Bancha, Kukicha, Konacha, Hôjicha, Genmaicha.

  • Whisky japonais

    Experience the excellence of Japanese spirits with our range of whisky, gin, and rum, where each bottle tells a unique story of tradition and innovation. Our Japanese whiskies are renowned for their depth of flavor and balance, offering aromas ranging from delicate floral to complex oak and smoke. Japanese gins provide a lemony freshness and exotic botanical aromas that add a new dimension to your favorite cocktails. Finally, our Japanese rums bring a silky smoothness with tropical notes that perfectly capture the spirit of the island. Discover the sophistication and authenticity of these refined spirits, celebrating Japanese craftsmanship with every sip.

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