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Yamada sen-i was established in 1937 as a manufacturer of Furoshiki, a square of traditional knotted fabric in both contemporary and traditional designs, which will accompany you every day.


Company Name: IWACHU Casting Works

Founded: 1937

Headquarters: Tokyo, Prefecture, Japan

Main activity: Furoshik manufacturer

Company Description :

The Yamada sen-i company, established in 1937 as a manufacturer of Furoshiki, has been dedicated to promoting this elegant Japanese tradition. Having evolved in harmony with the minds and hearts of the Japanese people, Yamada sen-i devoted many years to creating original Furoshiki.

The renowned Furoshiki brand, called "MUSUBI", takes its name from the Japanese terms "born (生す/musu)" and "beauty (美/bi)". “MUSUBI” also symbolizes “a knot” and “to tie.” The brand offers a wide range of Furoshiki, made with various dyeing and weaving techniques, including double-sided dyeing. By collaborating with partners such as fashion brand "minä perhonen", traditional wooden block artist "KARACHO" and origami artist "COCHAE", MUSUBI enriches the Furoshiki experience.

With expertise in Furoshiki and textile production, Yamada sen-i company welcomes OEM orders and custom orders from wholesalers and retailers. It stands out for its flexibility in processing small orders.

Furoshiki, rooted in traditional Japanese culture, embodies the wisdom and thoughtful spirit of the Japanese people. Although lifestyles have evolved, Yamada sen-i aspires to enrich everyone's lives through Furoshiki. This simple square fabric holds special meaning in Japanese tradition, used to wrap gifts with seasonal designs, expressing the importance of the gift.

Nowadays, Furoshiki is deployed in a multitude of uses. The images below illustrate different ways of wrapping and attaching each corner, tailored to the size and shape of the contents. From transporting objects to expressing feelings through gift wrapping, Furoshiki proves to be a versatile tool at the service of the imagination. As a shawl, rug, or simply folded up compactly when not in use, the Furoshiki offers a variety of options.

Yamada sen-i encourages everyone to begin the exciting adventure of Furoshiki.

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