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The company, founded in 1925, has specialized in manufacturing traditional Japanese paper products for more than nine decades. It stands out for delivering high-quality products, demonstrating its extensive expertise in Japanese paper art.


Founded: 1925

Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan

Main business: Manufacturing traditional Japanese paper products

Company Description :

Taniguchi Shoyudo, a Japanese company founded in 1923 and specialized in manufacturing washi paper products, is committed to conveying the precious Japanese spirit through its designs. With a century of experience, it began by producing calligraphy supplies and gradually expanded its range to items such as writing paper, washi paper stamp books and custom-made Japanese accessories.

With an approach focused on the heart and intimacy, Taniguchi Shoyudo decorates his creations with care, expressing the importance given to people and objects. As an equipment manufacturer, the company responds to varied requests from customers in various industries to create original products. It offers personalized solutions with a Japanese taste, such as magazine supplements, event souvenirs and original folding fans emblazoned with team names. Taniguchi Shoyudo is committed to perpetuating this spirit of care that naturally emerged in their lives, and aspires to continue transmitting this value to each individual.

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