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Matsuyoshi Co.,Ltd was established in 1933. It began by producing and selling folding fans, as it does today. Their pursuit of precision and perfection is their fundamental belief to achieve true customer satisfaction.

Company Name: MATSUYOSHI Co,Ltd

Founded: 1933

Headquarters: Kyoto, Japan

Main activity: Fan manufacturing

Company Description :

In 1933, Kikutaro Matsuyoshi established the Yamakyo folding fan store in Kuhoji, Higashi-ku, Osaka. Following the war and numerous damages, the store was moved to Kyoto and re-opened under the name Matsuyoshi Fan Store. The company begins to diversify and produce calendars. In 1981, given the success of the store, the first factory was built in Fushimi. The company is diversifying once again and will produce Japanese/Western bags. 1986, the company changed its name to Matsuyoshi Co,Ltd.

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