Book Konjac Pastes, Health and Gastronomy


Konjac Pasta, Health and Gastronomy Book

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Everything you need to know about Konjac!

Trendy slimming food, konjac is well talked about!

But what is it?

How to consume it?

How is it made?

All the answers to your questions can be found in the book Konjac Pasta, Health and Gastronomy!

You will find:

- A section around Konjac

- Feedback from Konjac professionals

- Recipes from chefs and bloggers

- Everyday recipes, starters, main courses and desserts

- A “Did you know?” section

128 pages - Via Natura Editions

PEFC paper - Imprim'vert printing

For all lovers of gastronomy and well-being!

A book with which you will love cooking, informing yourself, and enjoying yourself!

Recipes tested and enjoyed by the AROMANDISE team.


Page 9 - 19 - Around Konjac

Benefits, Origin, History and Consumption, culture and production

Page 20 - 27 - Words from the pros

Page 28 - 41 - Pro recipes

Page 42 - 69 - Blogger recipes

Page 70 - 117 - Everyday recipes

Page 118 - 123 - Did you know?

Extract from the book

Konjac, much more than a simple slimming food

Konjac, from its Latin name Amorphophallus Konjac, is a rhizome plant native to Asia where it has been appreciated for centuries. [...]

This book is intended to raise awareness of the potential of this simple, everyday food, while offering recipes adapted to our Western tastes and uses.

It was designed and written to be accessible to everyone in an interactive mode. In the form of conversations, our experts respond to many questions about Konjac to explain its properties or its history, its culture and the traditions that concern it. Chefs will be there to offer you 38 delicious and balanced recipes with Konjac to combine pleasure and health.