Book written in French- Dôgen, Zen Master, Ryodô Awaya and Fumio Hisamatsu


Book - Dôgen, Zen Master, Ryodô Awaya and Fumio Hisamatsu

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Capacity Written in French
Product origin Made in France
Dimensions 15x22.5cm

Collection: The Prunier
Number of pages: 384
Format: 150x225
Release date: February 2021
Language : French
ISBN: 978-2-35432-340-0
Translated from Japanese by Yoko Orimo
French edition established by Brigitte and Pierre Crépon

Dôgen, Zen Master (Dôgen Sama Monogatari) is the work of a Zen monk specializing in Dôgen, Ryodô Awaya, and a renowned mangaka, Fumio Hisamatsu, creator of several manga and anime characters, and who was an assistant by Osamu Tezuka. The original edition consists of three volumes which we have brought together in one volume. We have reproduced the covers of these three volumes at the end of the book.
The dates correspond to the Japanese lunar calendar: we must add about a month for the correspondence with the Western system. The Chinese names of people and places are given in Japanese reading.

Friend reader, here is Master Dogen, the hero of a spiritual adventure of eight hundred years ago, whose life-giving influence is still felt.