Japanese traditional tatami, rice straw mat, AGURA, 82x82cm


japanese straw square mat tatami AGURA 82x82cm

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Width 82 cm
Length 82 cm
Compositions Straw
Product origin made in Japan
Production region Miyama - Fukuoka Prefecture
Height 1.7 cm

Traditional Japanese tatami, such as the 82x82 cm AGURA model, is a true masterpiece of Japanese craftsmanship, made with meticulous attention to detail and ancestral tradition. Originating in Japan, tatami has played an essential role in the country's culture and architecture, serving as flooring for Japanese living rooms, or washitsu, as well as temples and other sacred spaces.

Each AGURA tatami is designed with impressive precision. These padded mats, also called tatami-doko, are made of overlapping and crisscrossed layers of rice straw. This rice straw is carefully selected to guarantee unrivaled quality, because it constitutes the mattress on which the tatami rests. The straw is arranged to create a uniform and comfortable surface which serves as the basis for this wonderful Japanese creation.

The distinctive element that characterizes the AGURA tatami is the woven straw mat that covers it. This mat, known as tatami-omote, is made from Juncus effusus, commonly known as "scattered rush" or Igusa. The artisans carefully weave this rush to create a smooth and resistant surface which covers the rice straw mattress. The quality of the tatami-omote is essential, as it is what makes the tatami both aesthetically beautiful and comfortable to use.

The 82x82 cm AGURA model is a standard size which allows flexibility of use in many contexts. It should be noted that the dimensions of tatami are standardized in Japan, and a tatami mat has even become the standard unit of measurement for surfaces, known as "tatami" or "jō" (畳). This uniformity in size has helped make tatami an essential part of traditional Japanese architecture.

Aside from its role in Japanese living spaces, tatami is also famous around the world as the floor of choice for practicing Japanese martial arts. Martial arts require a floor that provides flexibility to cushion falls, while remaining stable enough to allow for quick, precise movements. The AGURA tatami, with its combination of rice straw mattress and woven rush mat, offers that perfect balance between comfort and stability.