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Japanese Natural Tatami Yoga Mat

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Width 60 cm
Length 180 cm
Compositions Straw
Product origin made in Japan
Production region Miyama - Fukuoka Prefecture

Discover the perfect harmony between tradition and modernity with our rice straw mat yoga meditation mat, made in Japan. This exquisite mat embodies the essence of meditation and yoga, providing a unique and calming experience with each session.

Japan, famous for its cultural richness and Zen philosophy, is the birthplace of our rice straw mat meditation mat. Made with ancestral know-how, this mat embodies the fusion of nature and meditation, creating a serene environment for your practice.

The exceptional features of this meditation mat are designed to provide you with unparalleled comfort. The hand-woven rice straw mat provides a natural, soft texture under your feet, promoting a deeper connection with the earth. This natural material is also breathable, allowing you to stay cool during your meditation or yoga sessions.

The minimalist and elegant design of the rice straw mat meditation mat is inspired by Japanese simplicity. Its natural color and handcrafted finish make it an aesthetic addition to any meditation or yoga space. It goes perfectly with a contemporary or traditional interior.

The generous size of our mat gives you ample space for your yoga postures and meditations. You can practice in complete freedom, without worrying about exceeding the limits of your mat. Its exceptional durability ensures that this mat will accompany you throughout your meditation and yoga journey.

In addition, by choosing our rice straw mat yoga meditation mat made in Japan, you support ethical and environmentally friendly production. Our commitment to sustainability means you can practice knowing you are helping to preserve the planet.