KOTAI Bamboo Magnetic Knife Holder (Foldable) - 30 x 22 cm


KOTAI magnetic bamboo knife holder (foldable) - 30 x 22 cm

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Length 30 cm
Compositions bamboo
Product origin Made in France
Dishwasher safe no
Compatible with microwave no
Height 22 cm

KOTAI is an independent knifemaker, dedicated to handcrafting high-end knives for catering professionals.

Japanese knives are sharp, precise and beautiful, but also fragile and prone to rust.

Western knives are tough, durable, and stainless, but often heavy, inaccurate, and dull quickly.

Why should you choose?

Kotai bridges the gap between Asian and Western cutlery art to bring together the best of both worlds in a single hybrid design.

Light, precise and ultra-sharp like a Japanese knife;

stainless, robust and extremely durable like a German knife.

Japanese Traditional Knives Kotai Knives Traditional German Knives
Sharp + + -
Durability + + -
Ease of sharpening + + -
Resists oxidation - + +
Durability - + +

Balance at the center of the KOTAI philosophy

Weight balance

Perfectly distributed between the blade and the handle for maximum comfort and minimum fatigue, even after a 12-hour day.

Blade design balance

Its hybrid shape between Japanese and German styles allows both ultra-precise cutting and fast slicing.

Balance between tradition and modern technology

Combining the best of traditional Japanese craftsmanship and the latest steel tempering techniques to create the perfect knife.

Balance of the chemical composition of the alloy

By selecting the best Japanese steel: the high carbon content for hardness and sharpness is balanced with the ideal proportion of chromium to protect against oxidation.

Made from natural bamboo sustainably grown in Fujian, China, the KOTAI Bamboo Knife Holder is an essential tool in your kitchen for safely holding your knife collection. Naturally antibacterial and antifungal bamboo Holds up to 6-8 knives securely Foldable for easy transport Soft surface to prevent scratches