Tibetan infinity knot bowl and its handcrafted storage pouch, 7.5 cm


Tibetan infinity knot bowl and its handcrafted storage pouch, 7.5 cm

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Diameter 9 cm
Product origin Nepal
Height 5 cm

Traditionally made with an alloy of 7 metals, many are now made of brass, an alloy of copper and zinc with excellent sound properties. You can make it sing by sliding the mallet on the top edge and adjusting the pressure and speed of your movement. Thanks to its thick wall, the vibration lasts a long time.

Tibetan bowls, also called singing bowls, originate from Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan. Their manufacture dates back more than 4000 years. They are attributed therapeutic virtues and they are used in astrology and in secret rituals. Each bowl has a unique sound and each person makes it sing in a unique way according to their character and mood. When several bowls are used at the same time, the effect is multiplied.

Do you need a bowl for each chakra?
Each singing bowl emits a sound made up of a complex set of musical notes that give it its richness and that compose its timbre, like a sound signature. Since the same bowl has several notes and harmonics, it is said that it can act on several chakras at the same time and that it would not be necessary to have a bowl per chakra.

“When I listen to a singing bowl, I feel my afflictions begin to dissolve, my mind calms, my body calms down. A smile appears on my lips. With the sound of the bowl and my breathing, I return to the safe island of mindfulness. " Thich Nhat Hanh