Book written in French - The Authentic Story of Sadako Sasaki and the Thousand Cranes


Book - Torii, Japanese temples and shrines

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Capacity Written in French
Product origin Made in France

Book - Torii, Japanese temples and shrines

Collection: The Plum Tree
Number of pages: 159 pages
Size: 15.7 cm × 23.3 cm × 1.3 cm
Publication date: 26/11/2021
French language
ISBN: 978-2-35432-343-1

Why are the Torii red? How do we purify ourselves when we arrive at the sanctuary? Why do pagodas resist earthquakes? What are Ofuda, protective amulets? Between comic strip and travel diary, this humorous and well-documented book tells you everything about Shinto shrines, Buddhist temples and the place of the sacred in Japanese life. Joranne guides us with her unique talent in the richness of Japanese culture and shows us that scholarship and the discovery of a new universe are compatible with lightness and laughter.
Through photos, drawings, texts as funny as relevant, she makes us discover places, myths, rites and customs which make the daily life of Japan, and are sometimes so old that the Japanese themselves do not know more where they come from. Illustrator, graphic designer and blogger, Joranne shares her passion for Japan with us.