Book written in French - The thought of Buddha


Book - La pensée du Bouddha

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Capacity Written in French
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Book - La pensée du Bouddha

Collection : Le Prunier
Number of pages: 336 pages
Format : 15,0 cm × 22,5 cm × 1,9 cm
Publication date : 11/08/2017
Language : French
ISBN : 978-2-35432-306-6

In The Thought of the Buddha, Professor Richard Gombrich, one of the leading scholars in Buddhist studies, argues that the Buddha is one of the most brilliant and original thinkers of all time, and that his ability to abstract was a true intellectual breakthrough. The book is an introduction to this thought and, by extension, to Buddhism. It demonstrates that through the study of the texts it is possible to rediscover the original thought of the Buddha and to appreciate its coherence and originality by placing it in relation to the historical context of the Brahman and Jain traditions.
The Buddha reinterpreted in an ethical sense the ancient notions of karma and rebirth, and affirmed our individual responsibility in our own destiny. He emphasized the positive values of love and compassion. He used satire and irony with regard to the ideas of his time, and metaphor to make his ideas accessible. In addition, some key concepts in his teaching, such as "selflessness," need to be placed in their historical and philological contexts to be clearly understood.
This book, remarkable for its depth and erudition, sheds new light on the Buddha's teaching. It is an indispensable reference that will fascinate all those interested in Buddhism, philosophy, and the history of ideas and religions. The book received the 2010 Outstanding Academic Title Award from the American Library Association.