Japanese knife SEKI RYU - SMALL DEBA 22/10.5 cm


Japanese knife SEKI RYU - SMALL DEBA

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Color black
length 22 / 10,5 cm
Compositions steel

The SEKI RYU - SMALL DEBA Japanese knife with a 10.5 cm blade (22 cm in total length) is a compact and precise tool, ideal for delicate cutting tasks and boning work. Made in Seki, a town renowned for its exceptional cutlery craftsmanship, this small Deba knife combines Japanese tradition and modern innovation to offer robustness, precision and efficiency in a more manageable format.

Technical characteristics
- Type of Knife: Small Deba
- Brand: SEKI RYU
- Model: SMALL DEBA 22/10.5 cm

- Material: High quality stainless steel, ensuring excellent resistance to corrosion and stains
- Blade length: 105 mm (10.5 cm)
- Blade shape: Thick and robust, ideal for small cuts, deboning and preparing small fish

- Material: Pakka wood, renowned for its durability and resistance to humidity
- Design: Traditional and ergonomic, providing a comfortable and secure grip, even during prolonged use

Dimensions and Weight
- Total length: 220 mm (22 cm)
- Handle length 10.5 mm

The SEKI RYU - SMALL DEBA 22/10.5 cm is designed for specific tasks requiring great precision, such as cutting small fish, deboning and preparing seafood. Its compact blade allows you to work with surgical precision , making this knife ideal for delicate work where full control is required. It is also perfect for cutting small pieces of meat and poultry.