Insect cage, BAGU


Insect cage, BAGU

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Compositions bamboo
Product origin made in China
Dimensions 8.5x11x10 cm

The cricket is an emblematic insect of Chinese culture. Indeed, the Chinese have been acquiring crickets for many centuries in order to make them fight or to listen to and appreciate their very particular songs. In China, owning this insect is believed to bring good luck. In addition, crickets symbolize longevity. They are renowned for their speed, prudence and discretion. They are white when they are born, but turn black after a day. These insects are vegetarians and like warm places. Chinese crafts have adapted to the effervescence of the population for this insect by creating cricket cages which have been a great success. The Chinese have a habit of raising crickets in order to enjoy their song in all seasons. They are placed in cages which have a dedicated place in the houses. Some Chinese even have special little boxes made to carry these insects warm in their pockets. In homes, cricket cages can be made of wood, bone, metal, terracotta, ivory, or rattan. Craftsmen had to slow down their production of cages during the 20th century, due to the prohibition and repression of gambling in China. The cages are small because they only accommodate one insect. Indeed, two crickets in the same cage would fight and devour each other.

The cricket is introduced into its cage using a small front door that slides and has bars. Thanks to its small size, the cage offers warmth to the cricket and encourages it to sing. Chinese cricket cages are remarkable because of their ornaments and various shapes. As the cricket is a very popular insect in China, we find in this country very varied forms of cages in order to satisfy all requests. This success is due to the fact that crickets are the symbols of eternal life, luck, longevity and happiness in this country. A Chinese custom is to offer a cage and a cricket when a loved one moves into a new house and a new apartment