Set of 2 pairs of Japanese chopsticks with red and black tile pattern, YABANE, 23cm


Set of 2 pairs of Japanese chopsticks with red and black tile pattern, YABANE, 23cm

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Length 23 cm
Compositions plastic
Product origin made in Japan

Chopsticks are cutlery for grasping food, they are mainly used in Asia and their use is traditional. They are also a decorative element. The designs are multiple and you can easily find the pair that suits you.

There are several benefits of eating with chopsticks:

The fact, for example, of eating more slowly causing the feeling of satiety to come more quickly, which leads us to eat less and therefore to prevent weight gain.

Eating with chopsticks would lead us to eat in small bites that we would chew less. This would reduce the rise in blood sugar levels and therefore prevent chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes or obesity.

Baguettes are also very practical, you can indeed sear, turn, prick, untangle, mix, fish in hot water without burning yourself and remove food with great precision.

Eating with chopsticks is easier than you think:

1- Slide a first stick into the hollow between your thumb and forefinger then place the front of the stick on the ring finger. This wand remains motionless.
2- Grasp the second stick between the index finger, middle finger and thumb, as if you were holding a pen. This wand is mobile.
3- Practice moving the upper stick to make a pincer movement with the lower stick, still motionless. Once you get the hang of it, try picking up food and holding it long enough to gently lift it up to your mouth.

And if there are indeed several things not to do when eating with chopsticks, (for example sticking chopsticks into food, pushing dishes or foods with them, pointing at something or someone with chopsticks ...) they are specific to Japanese culture and it is appropriate for everyone to respect them or not.