Japanese noren polyester curtain, KISETSU

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Japanese noren polyester curtain, KISETSU, made in Japan

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Width 85 cm
Product origin made in Japan
Height 150 cm

Description of the Noren Japanese Curtain

Incorporate a touch of Japanese elegance into your space with our Noren curtain, a timeless symbol of respectability and tradition. Initially used as a sign on business doors in Japan, Noren has evolved over the years to become a versatile and aesthetic piece, perfectly suited to modern decoration.

Traditional and Versatile Design : The Noren, a short split fabric curtain, often features the family symbol, adding a personal touch to your space. Its traditional design draws inspiration from Japanese authenticity, but its modern versatility allows for easy integration into various configurations.

Varied Use : Noren are no longer limited to business doors. Modern decorators use them as dividers between rooms, curtains for doors or windows, or even as hanging wall decorations. Transform your interior into an Asian-inspired space with these unique curtains.

Easy Installation : Traditional Japanese Noren are designed for easy installation. Use curtain rods with hanging brackets, thin bamboo poles, or longer wooden dowels from a hardware store. They usually have loops or a large hollow hem to make it easier to pass a rod through.

Maintenance Tips : To preserve the beauty of your Noren, we recommend gentle maintenance. Hand wash in cold water to maintain the vibrant colors and details of the fabric. Avoid dry cleaning to ensure the longevity of your Japanese curtain.

Give your space a unique and elegant atmosphere by incorporating the traditional charm of Japan with our Noren curtain. Discover the harmony between tradition and modernity in every detail of this exceptional product.