Big Japanese lantern, YAKINIKU, red


big Japanese lantern, IZAKAYA, red, Supplied without electrical device.

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Diameter 42 cm
Compositions Vinyl
Product origin made in China
Colour red
Height 80 cm

big Japanese lantern, IZAKAYA, red,

Supplied without electrical device. Composition: Water resistant vinyl.
The chōchin (提 灯) has a frame of split bamboo wrapped in a spiral. Paper or silk protect the flame from the wind. The spiral structure allows it to be folded. In present-day Japan, the chōchin is made of plastic with light bulbs generally corresponding to the luminous signs in front of shops in Japanese cities. The akachōchin, or red lantern, is found in front of taverns, sake bars or izakaya. These lanterns are also used during religious rituals or hung in front of temples.

  1. Please hold the main vinyl part and stretch a lantern gently and slowly. Do not hold a frame or a handle when you stretch it. For low temperatures, please warm the vinyl part and pull the lantern.

  2. There is no problem if you see a tiny hole on the vinyl surface.

  3. When you are low temperatures, a lantern might not be stretched enough. It becomes right length while it is hung.

  4. Baby powder is covered on a drawing part to prevent sticking. It can be wiped off by using a wet cloth.

  5. In winter, a vinyl becomes hard and not to be stretched easily. It is caused of damage if you pull it by force so please stays it at a warm space for a while and stretch it gently and slowly. If it stiffens badly, please use a hand dryer and pull it slowly.

  6. When you keep it in a box after raining, please dry it up fully and put a paper into a lantern.

  7. Please put a paper into a lantern even when it does not get wet and keep it in a box.