Wusaki sharpening stone - 2 sides grits 1000 and 3000 - Togu


Wusaki sharpening stone - 2 sides grits 1000 and 3000 - Togu

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Width 6 cm
Length 18 cm
Blade length
height 3 cm
Product origin made in China
Dishwasher safe no
kind of steel
Composition of the handle
Compositions steel

General presentation

The Wusaki - WUNDS3 double-sided sharpening stone is an essential tool for keeping your knives in perfect cutting condition. Designed with careful expertise, this whetstone offers two distinct abrasive surfaces, suitable for all stages of sharpening, from roughing to finishing. Whether you are a professional chef or a passionate amateur cook, this stone guarantees optimal cutting performance for all your knives.

Technical characteristics
- Brand: Wusaki
- Model: WUNDS3
- Type: Double-sided whetstone

Abrasive Faces
- Grit 1000: Perfect for roughing, ideal for restoring an initial sharpness to dull blades
- Grit 3000: Designed for finishing, allowing the edge to be polished and refined for an extremely clean and precise cut

- Composition: High quality ceramic stone, offering exceptional durability and maximum efficiency in sharpening
- Non-slip base: Included to provide added stability and safety during use

The Wusaki Double Sided Sharpening Stone - WUNDS3 is designed to sharpen a wide range of knives, from chef's knives to small utility knives. The 1000-grit face helps restore dull edges by eliminating imperfections and restoring a precise angle to the blade. The 3000 grit face, on the other hand, is ideal for polishing and refining the edge, ensuring a clean and precise cut every time.