Meditation cushion half moon, black, TSUKI ZAFU


Meditation cushion half moon, black, TSUKI ZAFU

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Diameter 33 cm
Compositions Cotton
Product origin Made in Spain
Height 17 cm

Meditation cush

This zafu is handmade with an extra strong cotton fabric, triple seams and a white band to write your name.

A quality meditation cushion is a safe investment to be always comfortable and relaxed during your meditation hours. The zafu allows you to adopt an impeccable posture, thus taking care of both your mind and body. By raising the pelvis, you keep yourself upright, your spine is straightened and you are not under tension. The zafu may seem a little hard at first, but by using it, it will quickly adapt to have the right firmness.

The kapok is the traditional filling of the zafus in Japan: it allows you to meditate easily for long periods of time. The microfibre that makes it up is hollow like bamboo and covered with a greasy substance; for these reasons, kapok is lighter than cotton, almost impermeable to water and free of parasites.

Kapok zafu can settle after prolonged use: place it in the sun so that it returns to its original shape. One of the folds is not sewn, so you can refill it if you wish. To clean your zafu, brush the fabric or use the hoover. Stains can be removed by rubbing it with a damp cloth.

ion half moon, black, TSUKI ZAFU