Traditional Japanese obi belt VINTAGE HANA MOMIJI

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Japanese traditional OBI belt Made in Japan

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Width 31 cm
Length 410 cm
Compositions undetermined
Product origin made in Japan
Colour black
Gender female
Size L
Age group adult

Japanese traditional OBI belt Made in Japan

An obi (帯) is a belt used to close traditional Japanese clothing, such as kimonos or training clothing for martial arts.

By tradition, we do not wear any jewelry with a kimono, this is why the obis are well decorated and so colorful, they must cut with the kimono, while being in harmony with it.

It comes in the form of a fabric ribbon without loop or clasp or a hemp rope. How to tie the obi is quite an art.
Narrow obi
It can make a turn and a half to two waistlines, and is tied at the front. For a good support and to allow breathing, the belt must pass as much as possible on the bony part of the hips, at the level of the iliac crests, and be tied in front, under the abdominals.

Obi large
The large obi is generally worn with the hakama. It is tied from the front, keeping a strand of about thirty centimeters on one side. The belt then makes several turns until returning to the front one last time. The strand left free is then wrapped around the strand enclosing the hips.