Japanese antiques

If you are looking for unique pieces to decorate your interior, Japanese antiques are a great option to consider. Among the most popular items you will find vintage kokeshi and kimonos.

Kokeshi are traditional Japanese dolls, hand-carved from cherry wood. They were first made in northern Japan, in the Tohoku region, in the early 19th century. Kokeshi are considered highly valued collectibles for their beauty and uniqueness. The dolls often represent children or young women, with colorful designs and distinctive patterns. These kokeshi can be displayed on shelves or tables to add a touch of Japanese tradition to your interior.

Vintage kimonos are also a great option for decorating your interior. These traditional Japanese dresses are often decorated with floral patterns or landscapes, and can be very elegant. Vintage kimonos can be framed and hung on a wall to create an interesting focal point in your room. You can also arrange them on a bed or sofa to add a splash of color and texture.

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