Book written in French- Shinto: Wisdom and practice, Motohisa Yamakage


Book - Shinto: Wisdom and practice, Motohisa Yamakage

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Capacity Written in French
Product origin Made in France

Collection : Le Prunier
Number of pages: 224
Format : 15,0 cm × 22,5 cm × 1,4 cm
Publication date : 28/03/2014
Language : French
ISBN : 9782354321253

Shinto is the ancestral religion of the Japanese, a set of rites, beliefs, myths, purification practices and sacred places, which are all links between the world of humans and that of the kami, the omnipresent deities of nature. Shinto is at the heart of the Japanese mentality and spirituality, and is at the same time one of the foundations of the originality and culture of Japan while having a universal character, notably in its relationship with nature.

This book presents us by successive touches since Shinto is very diverse, and has neither dogma nor institution what constitutes its essence, its relationship with the world and the kami, and its practice in its personal dimension.

It makes us feel the mystery of its spiritual world and initiates us, for the first time, to the body and ritual techniques that have been transmitted for countless generations.